One-way information flow problem with Apple?

I am working in the field and have a new Apple computer with USB-C. I hooked up my ROV using a dongle with ethernet and USB, and seem to get information from it but don’t send information. So video works, but I can’t arm it.

Eventually I get a yellow error box that says “Error during Mission communication with Vehicle: Mission request list failed, maximum retried exceeded”.

I tried it with a windows PC and it could be armed but there was a 2-3 second latency problem, but at least it shows the hardware is functioning I guess. I also tried it on an older Apple without USBC and got to the same point, except the error message said “Vehicle 1 did not respond to request for parameters. This will cause QGroundControl to be unable to display its full user interface”.

I thought it might be the controller (since I have had some problems getting it to recognise the Logitech F310 I used), but I can eventually get it to recognise it, and can map the functions etc. I tried to manually arm it from the keyboard (on the second Apple), but the swiping box comes up and when you swipe it does not do anything.

When I hit the “record” button on the screen it did record. So maybe that does not require sending a signal to the ROV.

Anyway, maybe I am wrong but my interpretation is that the ROV is sending signal to the computer, but not vice versa. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

This is an interesting situation.

Do you have a third-party anitvirus or firewall installed?
Have you tried disabling any firewalls?
Can you open a terminal and show me the result of the command ifconfig?

If you continue to have trouble, please to get in direct contact.

I’ll do that and let you know. I’m working in the field today and it’s back at the research station I’m working from. So later tonight I’ll get back to you. Thanks.

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