Old rov (R3 or older)

Hello. My blue rov2 is old, last time updated was qgc v4.0.5. Now with new computer I downloaded newest software on website, version for R3 or older. How can I get back the toolbar I had on the old version.

Hi @beginner-n -
Can you share what hardware revision your Blue ROV2 is, or when it was purchased?
We currently recommend QGround Control 4.2.8

QGround Control is just what runs on your computer. You may want to update your ROV to run BlueOS, as it is likely running the much older Companion OS for vehicle control.

I’m not sure what toolbar you’re referring to, but the current QGround Control version allows you to configure the parameters that are displayed at the bottom of the window, and logged in the subtitles file of video recordings.