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Obtaining depth from the ROV

How do I obtain the pressure sensor reading using MavLink ?

I have tried MAVLINK_MSG_ID_SCALED_PRESSURE"but the values don’t make any sense.
pressDiff = -10.7hPa
absPress = 508.1hPA

I haven’t looked at RAW_PRESSURE yet but is that message I should be using.

I am building a towed system (i.e. a sidescan, ROV without thrusters) as a cheap system for collecting imagery over reefs for mapping using 3D reconstruction. I feed a calculated position (as a psuedo USBL position) for the sub using a fixed layback but would like to feed an accurate depth for the sub from the pressure sensor.



Hi Alan,

Did you check SCALED_PRESSURE2 ?
SCALED_PRESSURE is from the pixhawk internal barometer and not from the outside one.
This is my output with the ROV and the second pressure scaled message.

If you want depth, check VFR_HUD message.

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Thank you this was exactly what I was after