O-Ring sizes old 3" and 4" WTC

I bought the original BlueROV which came with an 4" and 3" enclosure (i think). I bought it when it was released (or around there) and never changed my O-rings… I really think a maintaince is due, but they seem to have been replaced and swapped with new ones.

So what would I be searching for to find replacement o-rings for my flanges?

Both the flat-groove oring and the two thicker ones inside?

Hi @thorleif,

There’s an O-Rings and Seals section in our Technical Reference, which is the first place I’d look - the ones you’re after have “non-locking” specified in the “Products” column :slight_smile:

From a different direction, we sell spares for some of our old / retired products in The Abyss - as it turns out the spare o-ring sets are indeed available, and quite close to the top :slight_smile:

Thhank you! I somehow searched it up and found them out of stock on a different sku or something via google. Not sure what happend. Also thanks for the information about technical reference. A golden page! :slight_smile:

All solved, love your products. Keep exploring :slight_smile:

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