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No Telemetry (No Autopilot Connection)

When I turned on QGC, everything was normal, but when I did not move any of the joysticks and buttons, the image suddenly disappeared, then Telemetry (Autopilot Connection) also broke, and then I couldn’t connect anymore. I checked a lot and couldn’t find out what was wrong. How can I solve this big problem?

Are you using a BlueRov2? What is your power source? Battery?

I don’t use batteries, I use shore power to supply AC power, and then use power converters to supply DC power.

It is very likely that your power source is failing. Each thruster can take up to 24 Amps at full throttle.

The power source should also be able to deal with the voltage spike generated when the thrusters stop/decelerate.

I have tested the power part. In the water, unless the eight thrusters are at full speed at the same time, the power will be insufficient. Then the last failure occurred when the power was turned off.