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Network test latency issue

(Kaos) #1

The network test does upload and download but not latency test. Any ideas why?

(Jacob) #2

Can you try it again, and let me know what the output in the browser debug/developer console is?

(Kaos) #3

Sorry Jacob, can you guide me as to how to find the browser debug/developer console?

(Kaos) #4

So thru the browser debug screen looking at network, if i hit latency first then upload and download will not work and it outputs this result

If i hit upload then download and then latency last it outputs this result

Is this what you need?

(Patrick José Pereira) #5

Hi @kaosrulz,

Click in the Console tab of Developer Tools and after that click in latency to start the test, it’ll provide some debug messages to see what is the problem.

(Kaos) #6

Refreshed page

Then latency
Then upload
Then download

(Jacob) #7

HI @kaosrulz, I’ve been able to reproduce this problem. I hope to get it fixed in the next companion release, thank you for bringing it to our attention!