Need help trying to select components to build a Seabob

Hi everyone!

I’m on a mission to build a Seabob (think of it as a torpedo you hold onto to travel around underwater). To that end, i’ve been selecting a bunch of components and am now stuck at the battery & ESC combo. I’m quite the newbie when it comes to these type of electronics so any advice that can be offered is greatly appreciated and i apologize in advance if im asking obvious questions!

I’m using the following components for the build

  1. Thruster Commander as my controller.
  2. 2x 800W(each) Underwater thruster 36-48V
  3. 2x 80A ESC ESC
  4. 48V 13S3P 100Ah Battery Batt

My main question right now is will the ESCs be able to work with that particular battery? It states that the ESCs accommodate 5-12S batteries but this particular batt is 13S. Will that be an issue?

Thanks in advance for any help and am looking forward to having a discussion! Thanks a bunch!

Hi @hisham02479, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like an exciting project! You might be interested in some of the other “diver propulsion vehicle” posts on the forum :slight_smile:

We can’t give detailed commentary on the ratings of products that we haven’t used and don’t make or directly support, but generally products are rated to the regions they can reliably and safely be operated in, and exceeding the rating may cause premature failure or wear/damage.

If the rating is driven by temperature then keeping the throttle low could at least reduce the likelihood of a failure, but questions like that are best posed to the manufacturer (and most likely the response will be something like “just stay in the ratings”, or “we can’t stop you from going outside the ratings, but if you choose to do so then any issues that occur are your problem”).