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Printed Circuit Board for all of the ESCs and more

(Jay Abraham) #1

Hi Blue Robotics

i want to make a PCB that houses all of the electronics but i don’t know which PCB i should use that can handle the voltage and amperage coming from the ESCs. my ideal goal is to have all of the power lines and the signal lines integrated on the board and that has to hold 6 ESCs, 1 Pixhawk, 1 Raspberry Pi, 1 Fathom X, and that’s pretty much it. i need to know the specifications for the PCB that can handle the voltage and amperage without frying up and burning the board. Thank you SO MUCH for all you help



(Jacob) #2

Sounds like a cool idea! The electrical requirements for the motors can be found in the specification on the product page.

Let us know how it goes!

(Jay Abraham) #3

i checked it out and i was wondering what kind of PCB did you guys use for the ESCs. would i be able to use that type of PCB to make the custom electronics board. how would the specifications change when you add more ESCs. i assume with the increasing current, the board will have to change. i very new to this btw. thanks for all the help


(Etienne Demers) #4

Very interesting project Jay.

If you made the PCB to replace the existing plate and save a whole lot of wires that would be awesome.

(Jay Abraham) #5