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Mounting Waterlink on a moving boat

(Etienne Demers) #1


Has anyone used a waterlink GPS on a boat where the boat follows the ROV underwater?

I take it rigid poles would be required?

Is the position still accurate especially with the boat rocking in all directions?

Thank you,

(Jacob) #2

The Water Linked system has a GPS and IMU on board, so it should be able to compensate for both the movement and rocking.

I recommend you contact Water Linked support for more information, or maybe @Torgeir will comment here.

(Bo Koppel) #3

I do use Waterlinked on moving ship.
Have mounted plastic pipes on ships, then easy to mount/dismount Waterlinked receivers inside pipes.
I think just hangning recivers overside is not good on moving ship.

Moderate rocking no problem.
Heading sensor inside Waterlinked box is not usable yet (calibration drifting), use other sensor like GPS compass or fluxgate.
Built in GPS is not stable either, use exernal position (ie GPS compass)

(Etienne Demers) #4

Hi Bo,

Thank you for your feedback, I like your idea.

I was looking at this GPS earlier. https://emlid.com/reach/
Mounting an external antenna as well would be the ideal setup.

I am hesitating a bit due to the range only being 100m. Have you tried testing it deeper, >150msw?


(Bo Koppel) #5

Do You get ship heading with emlid stuff?

Waterlinked is limited to 100 m range from the transmitter in their software
Possible solution is to drop the receviers to ie 100 meters depth…
But doing that while moving boat, its a nono

Btw if You have not seen it, the demo on Waterlinkeds wepage show real life:

(Etienne Demers) #6

Hi Bo,

I do not own one but I think not.

Yeah that is a shame about range its such a neat little kit.

Jobs I am looking at is about 150msw…


(Luis Gamez) #7


Buy the WL receiver with longer cable and you can submerge the receivers up to 50 meters depth then you will get the position up to 150 meters depth perhaps that might work for you? I´ts possible actually the only problem might be the moving boat, moving a 50 meters plastic PVC tube at 1-2 knots might break it.

(Etienne Demers) #8

Hi Luis,

I was wondering if you could lower the receivers that low…

Could be an interesting option to install on a platform but for a boat its not really appropriate.