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Motors problem and controlling

1-I encountered a few problems in thrusters. They constantly receive a small signal from esc so they keep move very little and return to the same place like the hour hand i don’t how to explain that specifically but i hope you will understand what i mean. I wanna ask if that is normal and if it’s not how i can i fix it.
2- do i need to make 3 thrusters running in the opposite direction to keep my vehicle satble and make the movement smoother?

Hi @Mike4,

I think we’re going to need some more information to figure out your problems:

  1. What vehicle do you have or what components are you using?
  2. What frame type are you using? Thruster propeller direction should be set to the Blue/Green thruster directions as shown in Building a Vehicle Frame.

1-bluerov2 (pixhawke 2.4.8 - raspberry pi model 3B- ESC(HOBBYWING 40A XRotor) motors) standart brushless motors

Your ESCs most likely do not have a reverse, here is the ArduSub ESC Page that explains the minimum requirements.

We are considering to buy 6 ESC motors from your company. How many days it will take to come to Turkey ?