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More Power for eSUP / Kayak?

have you planned to release a more powerful T200 ? A T300 or T400 …or I’m dreaming… Thanks.

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Hi @momo83,

Not exactly a T300 or T400, but we do have a bigger thruster in the works! We hoped to have launched it bu now, but the current world situation has throws a bit of a wrench into things and delayed the final stages. Depending on how things improve, we should still be able to launch it this year!


Tell us more if you can! Very interested…

Hi @FairweatherIT,

See here:



Thanks Adam, we are designing a larger ASV for some mining remediation work. Currently we have the T200’s specked, but more powerful motors would be great so we could speed out to the data collection areas quickly, and have enough power to make it back in the high winds that often come up here in the mountains. We would gladly test anything in the harshest chemical water conditions possible, in the Berkeley Pit, Butte, MT.