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Molds for scotchcast from PLA

(Chris) #1

Good evening,

Has anyone experience with casting scotchcast resin 2131 in 3D printed molds made from PLA? Does the resin stick to PLA and if so is there a mold release that works with scotchcast?

Thanks for sharing your experiences,



I made a mold in POM, the scotchcast resin was quite difficult to get out of the mold, if I did not do anything to the surface. I figured out that a thin layer of silicone grease made it very easy to remove the resin from the mold.

(Chris) #3

Thanks for your reply! I guess I’ll go with a layer of silicone grease then.

(Harold Scadden) #4

You can use your standard PTFE spray release agents or if you want the king of mold release for urethanes … go with MR-5002. The stuff is wicked!

(Tim Pierce) #5

Here’s a mold if you need it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2323111

there are multiple types of scotchcast. The hard stuff is difficult to remove, the flexible stuff comes out easily. Mold release is not optional.

(Chris) #6

Thank you everyone!
Using spray on PTFE release agent worked like a charm.