Molds for scotchcast from PLA

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Has anyone experience with casting scotchcast resin 2131 in 3D printed molds made from PLA? Does the resin stick to PLA and if so is there a mold release that works with scotchcast?

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I made a mold in POM, the scotchcast resin was quite difficult to get out of the mold, if I did not do anything to the surface. I figured out that a thin layer of silicone grease made it very easy to remove the resin from the mold.

Thanks for your reply! I guess I’ll go with a layer of silicone grease then.

You can use your standard PTFE spray release agents or if you want the king of mold release for urethanes … go with MR-5002. The stuff is wicked!

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Here’s a mold if you need it. Potting jacket for an 8mm to 10mm or 8 mm to 8mm inline cable splice by piercet - Thingiverse

there are multiple types of scotchcast. The hard stuff is difficult to remove, the flexible stuff comes out easily. Mold release is not optional.

Thank you everyone!
Using spray on PTFE release agent worked like a charm.