Cast/Pot whole BasicESC using resin 2131?

Hi everybody,

due to lack of space at our non-moving application it may become necessary to locate the BasicESC outside of the device housing casted right into the cable of the Thruster.
Is there any experience around here if the BasicESC (or any other pcb/electronic) takes damage if it is casted into resin 2131?

I’ll appreciate your ideas.


Hi @jano, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Assuming your resin is not electrically conductive or highly corrosive it shouldn’t cause damage to be on electronics. If damage is to occur it would more likely be from water leakage (from a poor seal / delamination), overheating (if the resin is too thermally insulating), or crushing (if there are air-filled components and the assembly is taken deep enough to experience overly high pressures).