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BasicESC, T200, 24V power

Hi all,
I would like to use a 24V power supply with BasicESC and T200 thruster. The T200 operate with a 6-20 voltage. Does the BasicESC is able to transform the 24V input voltage (or 26V, its maximum) to the T200 range?
Thank you in advance.


The voltage operating ranges of the BasicESC and T200 are not the same. The BasicESC will be ok, but the T200 will overheat and degrade faster in these conditions.

I will use a 24V to 12V DC-DC converter.
Thank you for your quick answer.

No problem.
Please keep in mind that the thrusters can pull a very high current (around 100A peaks) when choosing your DC-DC converter.

Could you elaborate a little on this? If the ESC can use 26V, and its output sine waves are made using 24KHz PWM, if the servo command to the ESC says to use a smaller than maximum value, won’t the motor only be seeing a lower voltage?

A DCDC converter for this current is not going to be so much fun to find or incorporate.

Theoretically yes, with a lower PWM the motor should see a lower voltage.
But then you must be sure that your application won’t get into those PWM levels.

But I can not guarantee it is going to be ok.

What is your application?

I’m just following the discussion and wanted to make sure I understood this. In this situation, I agree that it is important to ensure that pulses sent to the ESC do not cause the thruster rating to be exceeded. But GCT’s proposed solution of using a high power DC-DC converter adds a lot of expense and complexity.

It sounded as though the possibility of being careful and keeping the thruster voltage within specifications by limiting the control pulse to the ESC might not have been clear to GCT.