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Minimum spec computer for BlueROV2?

(undersearobotics.com) #1

I started a thread on this topic in the old forums and wondered if people had any updates. Here’s what I found so far:

When using the “Standard Electronics” option, I’ve had no issues using virtually any Windows compatible computer, from an i7 gaming optimized laptop to a $78 RCA 10 inch tablet.

When using the “Advanced Electronics” so far I’ve tested it the same i7 gaming optimized laptop but also a vintage i5 laptop (both running Windows 10) and haven’t really noticed much of a difference in performance.

What is everyone else using? Anyone using Linux? If so what type of computer and which version of Linux?

(Rusty) #2

We’ve used the Advanced Electronics version on quite a few different computers, but mostly relatively high-end: Recent Macbook Pro, Samsung i7, Acer i5.

I think @anthony-white might have some better insight into how a low-power computer works. He’s tested some super low power installed onboard a boat.


(Anthony White) #3

I used both of these successfully, but not with new builds of qgc that enable video recording- they lag bad enough to be completely unusable with that version. No issues with stable at the moment though!