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Meet Searover! Underwater inspections are now easier than ever!

Hi guys!

We are a 3 years old Start-up company and we are proud to be announcing our services made big changes in the underwater inspection industry of our country (Turkey) sofar. We offer industrial underwater technology solutions such as various services with our ROVs which are produced in accordance with the customer’s needs.

We offer long-distance underwater pipeline/tunnel inspections and observe the cages in fish farms. Additionally, we provide cable and connector solutions.

Besides, not only we are a distributor of Bluerobotics, but we also manifacture our own products compatible with the Bluerobotics products.

Also, thanks to our international network, we appear to offer remarkably competitive prices.

You can find the ground control station, spool and ROVs which are all our own productions in the below pictures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information :blush:

Website: www.searover.com.tr

E-mail: info@searover.com.tr

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More pictures from our last operations;




How you overlaid the compass indications on top of QGC screen? Is that real time print screen or it is after post processing? Very nice pictures!


I’m interested in that too. Special version of QGC?

Not sure how they do it, but we use a standalone AVERMEDIA HDMI recorder which records a screen capture video to a USB thumb drive. That way you have all the gauges etc overlaid, including sonar. It can also be useful instead of recording to the laptop as it offloads some of the processing required.

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it seems they have captured the whole screen using a external recorder as you have mentioned and then they printed the bars of compass and depth (see the top and the left side of photo) using a program like DASHWARE. We have done this process last years but I wonder if there is any other way to show real time measurements bars on the screen and not after post processing. This is my question.


And there’s a really nice and big record button which is still not hidden in a submenu… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks a lot for your interest! We are thrilled to hear all your questions about our work. Our engineers will be answering your questions in a moment. More pictures of our work and ground control station;


Thanks for the compliments. Compass is already supporting by QGC, you can check these links for detailed information [1],[2]. We are using a customized version of QGC by our team. Compass and Attitude are showing in real-time.

We are still developing new features for our software so thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: