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Meanwhile in Florida

(Heinz) #1

A pretty spring to dive…

(Heinz) #2

(Rusty) #3

Woah! That’s one of the coolest BlueROV2 pictures I’ve seen. Very nice.

We’re you in the water with the ROV to capture that shot?

(undersearobotics.com) #4

Nice! Great visibility. Especially love the little turtle in the bottom of the 2nd photo.

(Heinz) #5

Thanks everything is working fine. I have another go pro mounted on the end of one of my sup paddles and just recorded a video. This is one of the snapshots. I’ll post a video soon.

(Jacob) #6

Cool! I had never seen water with high visibility in person until I visited Glen Springs in Florida last summer. It was weird and awesome, seeing all the fish and plants, and all the way to the bottom. Made me feel a little bit like discovering something as a kid.

(Heinz) #7

These springs here are amazing. I’ll be visiting a few in the next few weeks with the ROV