Mavlink camera excessive resources?

Using blueos 1.2.2 & sub 1.2.1

Mavlink camera is using over 50% cpu and occasionally jumps to 80%+

Anyway of reducing this?


Resolved, turned the telemetry rate down to 8Hz.

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Hi @Teggles,

I did ask about this at the time and was meaning to get back to you, but the internal response was that

I don’t think the MAVLink telemetry rate should have a significant effect on the camera manager, so I’ll ask whether we can reduce that dependency somehow.

Thanks for that Eliot. I am not à coder but everything is working fine so I will not tempt fate!

The only issue I have is ping viewer stops the joystick working! Come out of ping viewer and all is fine. I must have a conflict somewhere. I will update pingviewer and see if it is an issue with BlueOS 2.2 and an old version of pingviewer I am using.