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Map of the ocean - explained

Hello all! Thought I’d share the 1st of a mini-series I’m writing on our map of the oceans. I’d love any and all feedback from the people that spend the most time trying to make things world in the sea.

I hope you enjoy!


Nice work Anthony. Yeah, let’s do it!
BTW, I saw your article on sonars over on the Medium site. That’s one of the best layman overviews I’ve seen.

Here’s a way to put the ocean mapping problem into perspective - if NYC was at the bottom of the ocean, more than likely humans wouldn’t know it was there.

Back for the 2nd part of the puzzle - how could we know so little? We have to go into the sensors we use to map and the vehicles that get them around the ocean. Enjoy!


Trying to help broaden people’s minds about what’s possible with ocean maps and data. My hope is to bring attention to the size and excitement of this space. Please share it with your friends and families.

Would also love feedback and comments you may have.

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