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Ping1d - How fast can we map?

Hey people.
Just did our first watertest of the Ping1d - most impressed. I had it connected to my tablet via bluetooth and HC-05.
Question - we’re looking to map our local harbour from the surface. Harbour depth is typically 10-30m mostly 10-15m with a muddy floor. Our boat test showed 5kts no probs - i couldnt hold our sensor on its post - but still getting 100% reliable readings. So for our UAV design - what’s a good top speed ??? and whats the failure - i assume bubbles messing with returns. thanks in advance, Paul.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the thread. We typically operate around 2-3 knts when operating any of the Bluerov parts. 3knts being the highest.

We always set this to the weakest part of the ROV so as to avoid any lost parts.

Happy to answer any questions you may have and work together to achieve your goals.
Kind regards

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