M200 motor pulley connector - Recommend plz

Can anyone please recommend a pulley that would attach the M200 spindle shaft perfectly? M200 has an outer dia of 0.2 ", also it has a slot cut in the shaft.

The motor is required to be connected to a synchronous bar with the help of belt pulley arrangement.

We intend using it as a generator that will be connected to oscillatory motion produced by waves/ current.

Hi @Salman, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have a specific pulley recommendation for you because that will depend on the belt it needs to interface with, and the diameter ratio you’re wanting to use.

Note that the M200 Motor product page has a “Technical Details” section, which contains technical drawings that include the designed dimensions of the shaft and its flat. There should be a variety of relevant options by searching online for terms like “5mm shaft pulley” - just make sure you choose an appropriate material for use underwater :slight_smile:

Hi Eliot,
Thanks for the update.

What’s the material of m200 shaft? And what material you suggest for the pulley?

Yes I found one from McMaster and misumi.
It’s 4mm, we would require to widen it to 5mm.


Stainless steel

Something strong enough for your application and that won’t suffer galvanic corrosion in contact with stainless steel. So depending on your application either 316 stainless steel or some type of plastic could work well. Anodised aluminium may also work, although care would need to be taken to avoid scratching through the anodisation layer, especially when using a grub screw or press fit.

There should be pulley options available that are intended for a 5mm shaft diameter.

Using a pulley that’s intended for a smaller shaft is likely ill-advised if it’s avoidable.