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M200 Minimum Speed

(Angus Clark) #1


I’m looking for details on the minimum speed the M200 motor can run at while still producing it’s torque of around 0.5 Nm.

The documentation indicates the motor requires between 6-16 V, and runs at 490 RPM/V. Does this mean the minimum speed of the motor is ~3000RPM? Can the motor be ran at lower speeds?

Ideally I need at least 0.5 Nm of torque at as low a speed as possible.

(Rusty) #2

@TheAngusBurger An electric motor’s torque is independent of the rotation speed, so theoretically it should have full torque from zero to full speed. However, the real challenge here is the speed controller. The type of speed controller that we use, a sensorless brushless controller, doesn’t do a good job of operating the motor at high torque and low speed. Additionally it has a minimum speed of about 200-300 RPM.

We’ve been experimenting around with other types of speed controllers, mostly sensored controllers, to address this, but it’s challenging. What speed are you hoping to run at?