M200 Advanced Specifications; Torque/RPM/Power curves

Hello -
I was wondering if there was any additional data available beyond what is published under the technical specifications of the M200 brushless motor.

We are using this motor in a research project to test unique propeller designs, for which this data will be useful.

Hi @rturrisi,

I’m unsure whether we have any additional characterisation data, so I’ve asked internally. I agree that it seems useful to provide if we can, especially for people using the M200 in custom applications (e.g. not on a BlueBoat).

I’m using this motor on our AUV, and we are characterizing some interesting propellers with this motor and an experimental setup. It is not strictly necessary to have the performance characteristics since we can infer what we need with other transducers, however it may be useful to gain further insight.

Following up on this, I can confirm that we don’t currently have torque / performance data for any of our motors or thrusters beyond what’s provided on our website.

We do have an ongoing project to build a testing apparatus for that, but don’t yet have a date on when the data collection is expected to be complete.

Exciting application - hopefully you gain some useful insights!

If you’re able to share more about them, are they perhaps toroidal propellers, or something in that vein? :slight_smile:

Agreed! If you’re willing to share the data you collect then I’m sure it would be useful to be able to compare with the measurements we make, for everyone involved :slight_smile: