Transmission design motor info

Hi All,

I was wondering the following the M200/ T200:

  • No Load current

  • Stall torque

  • Stall current

I am not sure where to find this data there @ 12 v.



Hi @lunarElipse,

We don’t actually have this information available, as we don’t have any experimental torque/speed data at this time. However, I can provide some rough charts of what we would expect based on a simulation. These are estimates, but they should be reasonably accurate assuming a 12 V supply with an ideal ESC at full throttle and a 1 m long 18 AWG cable from it to the motor. These numbers may vary depending on the exact timing and commutation behavior of the ESC used, but do match up well to what is seen with our Basic ESC, at least in the range of ~2000-5800 RPM. Note that the M200 should not be run at above 25 A for more than short bursts, and the ESC used will likely limit the higher end of torque achievable at low RPM.


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