M100 and M200

I’m comparing motors for a small ROV project and I was wondering what the motor torque specs (no-load speed, stall torque, etc) where for the M100 and M200. I didn’t see this information in the documentation and was hoping to get some help.

Hi Beaman,

Thanks for the question. There’s some info on the M100 and M200 on their documentation pages here:

M100: M100 Motor Documentation

M200: M200 Motor Documentation

You’ll find the “Kv rating”, which is the no-load RPM/V speed. For example, the T100 has a Kv rating of 540, which means that with no load at 12V it will spin at 6,480 RPM.

We don’t have any published info for the stall torque since we haven’t tested it but I can tell you the calculated stall torque:

M100: 0.34 Nm at 12V
M200: 0.67 Nm at 16V

If you need any other particular information, let us know!