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Low-Light HD USB Camera hardware trigger


I would like to know if the Low-Light HD USB Camera has a pin that can receive a trigger signal to capture an image. I see there are two unused pins marked as positive and negative. What they are for?

Thank you very much.

Hi Alberto,

This is an usb camera, there is no pin to take photos.
The + and - pins can be used to supply a 5V supply for the hardware if necessary.

If you want to take photos via an hardware event, you can use the raspberry pinout and probably a python script to do that for you.

Thank you very much Patrick. In the past I worked with other USB cameras, e.g., UI-3251LE from IDS GmbH, that had pins, including one for a trigger. Definitely we can do it with the Raspberry Pi, but we wanted to have as little delay as possible between the trigger event and the capturing of the image. We will probably for now go with the pin on the Raspberry Pi, and probably we will look at other cameras.