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Lost connection completely with ROV when updating pixhawk

(Sam) #1


I completely lost my connection with the ROV when updating the pixhawk. The ROV has just been updated to heavy config and with a gripper. After that I could not use the extra thrustors so decided to upgrade everything.

I have tried taking the sd card from the companion out to flash that but still no results. Been trying to find something in the forum but no luck.

(Willian Galvani) #2

Do you have connection to the companion?
Are the LEDs on both Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk blinking?

(Jacob) #3

How is it going @Petmonkey?

(Sam) #4

Hey guys! Thanks for your interest. I have gotten through it. The hardware was all fine. When I did the update it somehow screwed everything related to software up. I hadn’t realized there are two sd cards on the machine. I flashed them both, reinstalled, replugged an voila. Everything is better than before.

(Sam) #5

During these hours of hair pulling and brain pain I realized something though.
A good chart of what the beeps mean and what all the blinking is about would be nice to have access to. I found some very shady and bad versions of what they mean, but it didn’t really help.

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