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Lost connection completely with ROV when updating pixhawk


I completely lost my connection with the ROV when updating the pixhawk. The ROV has just been updated to heavy config and with a gripper. After that I could not use the extra thrustors so decided to upgrade everything.

I have tried taking the sd card from the companion out to flash that but still no results. Been trying to find something in the forum but no luck.

Do you have connection to the companion?
Are the LEDs on both Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk blinking?

How is it going @Petmonkey?

Hey guys! Thanks for your interest. I have gotten through it. The hardware was all fine. When I did the update it somehow screwed everything related to software up. I hadn’t realized there are two sd cards on the machine. I flashed them both, reinstalled, replugged an voila. Everything is better than before.

During these hours of hair pulling and brain pain I realized something though.
A good chart of what the beeps mean and what all the blinking is about would be nice to have access to. I found some very shady and bad versions of what they mean, but it didn’t really help.

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Welcome to the sometimes disappointing world of free and open source documentation. If I knew all of the meanings myself, I would explain them.

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Haha. Well. It could be worse.