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Losing video while connecting PING echosounder

(Luis Gamez) #1


I started using our PING echosounder everything was working great for a couple of hours until I lost video and PING data (Pixhawk, lights, thrusters, sensors working great).

I thought it was my Raspberry Pi but when I oppened the ROV i noticed everything was ok. I disconnected the PING echosounder and videofeed came back, connected back again the PING echosounder and I lost video again.

what might be the problem?


(Jacob) #2

It’s possible that the power supply is too weak. The ‘hobbywing ubec’ that we used to power the pi with was just barely able to power the pi, camera and pixhawk, adding in another device could make it fail. We have upgraded our power supplies recently.


(Luis Gamez) #3

Hi Jacob,

That might be the thing. I´ll upgrade it and will let you know the results.