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Losing connection at high throttle

(Jay Abraham) #1

when i using a lot of my thrusters at high speeds (like going forward and up at max speeds) my rov loses connection. it quickly regains the connection but i have to re arm it and that becomes cumbersome when i am trying to move under water. it this because of the high amount of current coming into the rov when i use all my motors. is it becuase my power supply only provides 14 volts and 30 amps? is this a problem with the fathom X and the fact that it is directly connected to my power and not through a buck converter. are there solutions to prevent this from happening.

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(Willian Galvani) #2

Yes, this is likely it. The total power draw of the ROV can easily exceed that. Each thruster can pull up to 25A, so if you consider all 6/8 of them, that easily exceeds 30A.
You can try lowering the pilot gain a lot, but you should consider changing the power supply.

(Jay Abraham) #3

would this be the only reason for losing the connection. my team members are saying that it is the fault of the fathom x. im defending it because it is a robust piece of technology but of would love to get the opinion of an engineer to clarify.

(Willian Galvani) #4

It all depends on how low your voltage gets. The regulator on the Fathom X is probably starving before the UBEC powering RPI+Pixhawk, which drops the connection and causes it to disarm before the voltage drops enough for these two lose power.

(Jay Abraham) #5

we reserved the UBEC to power the Pi and the pixhawk,not the fathom x. we are powering the fathom x by directly connecting it to our power distribution block which power everything on the rov like the escs/thrusters