Loose video when I start recording in Linux QGroundControl

I’ve installed QGroundControl on a Linux PC running Ubuntu. As soon as I start recording video, I loose the video feed and have to restart QGC to get it back. Has anyone solved this problem previously? Linux is pretty new to me.

I do not use Linux, but have had similar problem with wrong settings in QGC/windows:

Hi @gcelec, I haven’t used QGC on Linux before.

The Linux install instructions from the QGroundControl docs includes some additional dependencies that have to be installed before QGC works correctly. Depending on your linux version and your computer hardware it might also be relevant to check the notes in blue callouts at the bottom of that section.

If this doesn’t help then you might want to try the QGroundControl category in the more general ArduPilot forum - I believe the general QGC developers are much more involved there :slight_smile:

I updated from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 and installed gstreamer and now I can record video but the .appimage version 4.0.5 of QGC doesn’t record the overlay information.
Also, PingViewer doesn’t locate the UDP connected sonar anymore.
One bug fixed and two new bugs to resolve!

Glad you managed to sort out the recording issue :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the AppImage version, but are you sure it doesn’t record the overlay? If there are .ass files in your QGC’s Video folder (with the videos) then that’s the subtitle overlay. If you’re playing your videos with VLC I think you can ‘play’ the subtitle file first, and then play the corresponding video file and the subtitles will show up. From memory this is more commonly (or possibly only) an issue when recording in matroska (.mkv) format - .mp4 tends to ‘just work’ I think (although recording straight to .mp4 can have issues if you lose power or something - it’s a less robust (from a file corruption standpoint) but more efficient file format).

Is the sonar coming up in the Active Services from the companion web interface System page?

I tried recording in mkv, mov(I think) and mp4 and none of them generated the .ass files.
I swapped to a Windows PC but I’ll do some more testing after the project.