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Looking for funding to purchase the BlueROV2

(Xavier Chan) #1

Build Project Funding
Hi I’m a student at Bridges Academy looking for project funding. I am building a BlueROV2 for an Independent Research Study project. However, my school clearly stated that they will not provide us with a budget for our research projects so we have to gather our own funding via sponsorships / public donations.

I am currently setting up a funding page and will be posting the link here soon.

(Matt) #2

Hi Xavier

Where is your school located?
Can you tell us some more about what your hoping to achieve with your BlueROV if you were to get one?

(Xavier Chan) #3

Sorry for the late response.

Bridges Academy’s Address is:
Bridges Academy, 3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

I intend to use the BlueROV to test a new form of underwater propulsion which uses less electricity yet can travel longer distances in the ocean. I will be using the BlueROV to conduct loads of tests(eg.: depth efficiency testing, ocean current resistance, positioning ratio on submarine vehicles, stability countermeasures, etc.). Since the BlueROV can remain suspended at a certain position underwater, it is the most ideal way to test this new propulsion method on a smaller scale and . Using a BlueROV is my most cost-effective option for testing this because the only other method I can rely on for testing is for me to personally dive into the ocean, which then again is very difficult to gather data from since a human will not be able to maintain a steady x-y-z position underwater, and hence will mess up the results.
The reason why I need to test it in the ocean is because I need the ocean currents for my tests, where I can use the BlueROV to scout out locations.


(Xavier Chan) #4

My ultimate goal after creating the propulsion system is to apply it to ROV technology, producing autonomous/remotely-operated undersea drones slecialized in conducting marine research, specifically in areas such as undersea geology and long-distance marine exploration.