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Looking for funding to purchase the BlueROV2

(Xavier Chan) #1

Build Project Funding
Hi I’m a student at Bridges Academy looking for project funding. I am building a BlueROV2 for an Independent Research Study project. However, my school clearly stated that they will not provide us with a budget for our research projects so we have to gather our own funding via sponsorships / public donations.

I am currently setting up a funding page and will be posting the link here soon.

(Matt) #2

Hi Xavier

Where is your school located?
Can you tell us some more about what your hoping to achieve with your BlueROV if you were to get one?

(Xavier Chan) #3

Sorry for the late response.

Bridges Academy’s Address is:
Bridges Academy, 3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

I intend to use the BlueROV to test a new form of underwater propulsion which uses less electricity yet can travel longer distances in the ocean. I will be using the BlueROV to conduct loads of tests(eg.: depth efficiency testing, ocean current resistance, positioning ratio on submarine vehicles, stability countermeasures, etc.). Since the BlueROV can remain suspended at a certain position underwater, it is the most ideal way to test this new propulsion method on a smaller scale and . Using a BlueROV is my most cost-effective option for testing this because the only other method I can rely on for testing is for me to personally dive into the ocean, which then again is very difficult to gather data from since a human will not be able to maintain a steady x-y-z position underwater, and hence will mess up the results.
The reason why I need to test it in the ocean is because I need the ocean currents for my tests, where I can use the BlueROV to scout out locations.


(Xavier Chan) #4

My ultimate goal after creating the propulsion system is to apply it to ROV technology, producing autonomous/remotely-operated undersea drones slecialized in conducting marine research, specifically in areas such as undersea geology and long-distance marine exploration.

(Xavier Chan) #5

Hi all, I’ve set up my Fundly page.
Here’s the link to it: fundly.com/fund-my-independent-research-study-project-for-school
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(Matt) #6

Just some food for thought mate …

Your saying you would need the ocean currents to test your system. This would be true once a concept is tested and needed refinements for sure. However in early concept / prototype / data gather stages you would be much better off using a pool. Far more controlled conditions to get real data results, going straight in to the ocean can create an expensive exercise in finding out what doesnt work when dunking it in a pool for nothing would have gotten you the same information.
With your BlueROV build you will also need the waterlinked GPS system to get accurate position information which is going to increase your costs yet again.
Perhaps you will have some better luck once you have made a prototype of your propulsion system and exhausted your pool testing options?
Just something to think about thats all.

But hey … in saying that someone may be able to donate or loan you an ROV for a while to do what you need? Have you sent a big puppy dog eyes letter to the awesome crew at BR yet? You just never know what old stuff may just be laying around.
Good luck… hope it works out for you.

(Xavier Chan) #7

I will be testing it in my home swimming pool which I just dechlorinated. Also, I changed the focus of my project to one which tests how the BlueROV2 can be used to replace human divers in undersea geological exploration expeditions

(Xavier Chan) #8

Also, I’ve already tested and succeeded in creating a stacked rim-driven underwater propulsion system. It has a powerful intake and a pretty strong output jet which runs through another rim-driven propeller which generates energy and helps to maintain a straight course by spinning in the other direction when the output from the 5 intake propellers runs through/past it. It works and lasts far longer than a regular electric underwater vehicle.

(Xavier Chan) #9

What I need to test right now is the effectiveness of the blueROV in replacing human divers on subsea geological exploration expeditions. once that is done, I can upsize the underwater propulsion system from a handheld seaglide to one that can be used on small underwater vehicles like ROVs

(Christian) #10

…if Not the Blue ROV2 can do it something else can…but Sometimes we need divers. …there is a Bunch of research and knowledge on this in Norway;)

(Jacob) #11

Hi Tamanya, If you are trying to raise funding, I recommend producing some sort of ‘marketing’ materials for your project and research. Like a succinct set of slides or a small postcard handout or flyer.

Make it clear (and pretty with visuals):

  • What are you doing?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What do you need to complete your work?
  • Why should I care, what will I get in return for my sponsorship?

Try reaching out on more personal channels like emails and to companies that are already sponsoring other projects at your institution. Also look for research/scholarship GRANTS!

(Xavier Chan) #12

Oh my gosh, thank you @Jwaiser that is really helpful! This is my first time outsourcing for public funding so thanks!

(Jacob) #13

I think a better angle is actually ‘How will the benefit of my contribution be realized?’