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Log files piling up on companion RPi

Hi All
I thought I would share an interesting incident that happened to me the other day. I’ve been using my BR2 all day almost every day for the past couple of weeks with no problems. I brought it back up from a dive for a battery swap and after hooking up the new batteries (I have a new dual-battery setup from SeaView Systems which is awesome) I got video back but no telemetry connection. After eliminating hardware faults, I tracked the problem down to mavproxy running on the Pi-- when I tried to restart it manually I got a “no space left on device” error, pointing me to /home/pi/telemetry/logs. I found two folders in there named for the current and previous days, and when I deleted them, telemetry returned instantly and I was back in business. I was in a hurry so I didn’t check to see how much space those folders were taking up, but presumably they were big if they caused Raspbian to run out of space. I am left wondering what process was keeping logs there on the Pi? I know the Pixhawk keeps its own and QGC does too (or can if you want), but what process would have been keeping so many logs on the Pi that it filled up the whole SD card?

You can try to turn off “Save log after each flight” i QGC. I think it saving tlog files local on pi and top computer.

Check this link : http://www.ardusub.com/reference/data-logging.html

Thanks for pointing this @rperkins, we have an open issue for that, should be fixed in a near future.


Thanks Patrick! I wish I had taken a moment to gather some more info when I tripped across this problem but it seems like you guys are already on it as usual.

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