Lights pulsing under load

Hello, I have been having an issue with my 4 head lighting system. I originally installed them and found that they would pulse when the vehicle was being operated at higher demand. I removed one of the lights from the daisy chain ( 3 head system now) and it seemed to fix the issue. I now find the problem has returned. Would this suggest a problem with the lighting or with the power source to the lighting? Any suggestions for trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @darren.horler,

Not really sure here - I’m thinking maybe there’s been a leak in one of your lights, but that doesn’t really explain why the issue would only show up when you’re driving the vehicle hard, or why it would affect all of them. That said, I would expect power issues to show up first at other components (e.g. the onboard computer), so it’s a bit odd.

Maybe it’s an issue of electrical noise on the signal wire? You could try moving that wire away from the ESCs, and/or shielding it with some alfoil or similar to see if that helps.

I’ve brought this up internally to see if someone else has a suggestion or recommendation.

Following up on this, I’ve been told you may be running into this issue, which is worth checking for :slight_smile: