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Light intermittent problem

Dear All, today during wet test my lights (old version) is fault due water penetration. When return on board to ship the light is running in intermittence. After replace (problem with n. 2 light), with new model light, i have same problem before replace. In dettail i have only 1 light new every time in switch on. Command via controller to switch off light is no responde. What you have idea or suggested to me to resolve these problem? Thanks in advance.
Neptune 1

Hi @Neptune1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A few questions:

  1. How many lights are you using (e.g. a set of 2, or 4, or something else)?
  2. Did all of them have water leakage, or just one/some?
  3. Did you replace just the one(s) that were damaged, or the full set?

Ho Eliot. I use n. 4 light, only two have problem ti water insight, i have replaced only two light damage due to water.

Your comment or idea Is welcome.



You mentioned that only 1 light turns on now - is it the same light every time? If it’s the first light in the daisy chain then it’s possible that the connection from the first to the second one has been wired up incorrectly, or just something in the second light, in which case the power or signal isn’t being passed on correctly.

I’d recommend checking the connections in the first and second lights to make sure the wires are in the correct places (yellow closest to the edge, red in the middle of the connector, and black closest to the middle of the lumen), and that there’s minimal resistance through each wire from one light to the next (can check with a multimeter).

If the light that’s working isn’t the first one in the chain then the power and signal are at least getting that far, but probably any lights before it are damaged.