Light indicator in QGroundControl

I would like to add a light indicator in the QGroundControl interface (of the type 1/8 … 8/8).
I can’t find how to do this in the settings.
Is this possible, or do you have to develop a specific plugin in qml and recompile QGroundControl?

Thanks for your help,
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The lights level(s) aren’t something there’s an existing indicator for, partly because it’s not directly communicated. It would in theory be possible to use the selected lights output channel(s), combined with the JS_LIGHTS_STEPS parameter and the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW message to calculate the current lights level(s), but that’s not an existing feature.

You’re welcome to submit a feature request issue asking for it, but there’s no guarantee if or when it would be taken on and completed. If you implement it yourself then you could submit a pull request, in which case it could potentially be merged in to mainstream QGC and be available to everybody :slight_smile: