Qgroundcontrol speed indicator

Hi there! We’re currently looking at the recordings of our dive and we’re having difficulties finding information on the parameters shown in the image below. This is located on the bottom of the QGC window. These seem to be showing some sort of distance and speed readings, although we are unsure on which distance and speed they pertain to. We might not be looking at the right places to find information on this but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @yvesyves,

Which QGroundControl version are you using?

You should be able to click on them to edit, which should tell you which component of QGroundControl they’re from, and allows you to change the icons to text if you’d prefer. QGroundControl unfortunately does not have proper documentation of their new interface yet, so that’s likely something I’ll need to divert some time into.

As a quick overview, the thick vertical arrow is depth, the thin vertical arrow is climb rate, the thin arrow pointing right is ground speed, the human is flight distance. Note that distance/position and speed estimates are only as accurate as the sensors involved, and position/distance estimates require suitable sensors. Unless you have accurate speed and/or positioning sensors on your vehicle those values are estimates, and should be treated as rough/relative guides rather than precise absolute measurements. The depth should be reasonably accurate assuming you’re using a depth sensor with proper calibration :slight_smile:

Hi there, @EliotBR! Thanks for the info. It seems that we are using QGroundControl version 4.2.0.


I feel so silly not doing this the first time :sweat_smile:

I see. We’ll be only be checking these values for comparison so rough estimates of these parameters shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks again for your help!

I’d recommend only using recommended versions if possible. 4.2.2 has some Sub-specific fixes, and is the first 4.2.x version we’ve recommended for use.

Perhaps worth noting that there are still some minor annoyances with using it, that should hopefully be fixed quite soon in a 4.2.3 release :slight_smile:

That kind of usage should generally be fine :slight_smile:

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