Leak and Armed light on control box


I was wondering if there is a possibility of having a LED flash/light up when the rov becomes armed or a leak is detected. I am currently building a custom control box for Qgroundcontrol.

Thank you

Hi @ManteeROV, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s definitely possible, although how you achieve it depends a bit on the hardware and software you’re using.

The armed status can be checked in the MAV_STATE component of every HEARTBEAT message from the vehicle, and there’s some information in this discussion on how to find out when a leak is detected :slight_smile:

Im using the Ardusub software. Topside Im using just a joystick and a laptop. In the rov I am using a pixhawk and raspberry pi. I am looking to make a custom controller board for the topside. Im not that big into coding but have a basic understanding. I am open to ideas for how to make a armed and leak light possible on the topside control board.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re aiming to do. If you have an off the shelf joystick (e.g. xbox controller, Logitech gamepad, etc) then I don’t see how or why you would have a custom controller board involved. If you’re making a custom controller (with buttons and control axes) then your control board will need to have some form of GPIO pins, which you can use to turn on LEDs depending on armed and leak statuses sent from the laptop.

You may need a script/program on the laptop monitoring the MAVLink messages from the vehicle, to detect when the armed state changes and when leak warnings are sent, and then send some kind of corresponding information to the control board.