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Lateral gain in qgc

Hi i have my custom frame and i need more
gain in lateral is it a parameter that fix that?

Regard Rasmus

Hi Rasmus,

I believe gain is applied by QGC uniformly to all the thrusters, and can’t be adjusted independently for different thrusters/thruster directions. If it’s important for you to do this you’ll need to find out if gain is a QGC parameter that gets applied to the thruster commands before they get sent, or an ardusub parameter that QGC just sends directly over mavlink.

I would assume it’s just applied in QGC, in which case you might want to look into building a custom QGC version that allows you to separate out vertical from lateral gain (likely a hassle to do, but perhaps not super hard? I haven’t had to add a custom joystick-compatible command yet), but if it’s an ardusub thing then you’ll either have to turn it into a QGC thing by doing some extra maths, as well as building the custom QGC version, or make both a custom ardusub (to accept two gain parameters instead of one) and custom QGC to handle that (likely a major pain).