Laser scaler for enclosure 2" x 100mm or 150mm


I am sharing with you two models of laser escaler to be installed in a 2" enclosure. They are made with a high power Class IIIB laser, green laser is 50mw and the red laser is 150mw, both with high luminosity parallel lines that occupy the entire screen to facilitate measurements.

They are visible in almost any light environment and look great with 4 BR2 lights on at 100% power.

I have made two models, one with a 50 mm spacing between the parallel lines installed in a 2" x 100 mm enclouser and another with a 100 mm spacing for a 2" x 150 mm enclouser.

Underwater vídeo:

The maximum working depth is 400 m for 2" x 100 mm enclosure and 200m for 2" x150 mm enclouser. They connect directly to the Pixhawk rail, just like the camera servo, but in Aux5, as long as the rail is powered at 5V, otherwise a voltage regulator would have to be added.

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Hi @Andres, thanks for sharing - this looks great! :smiley:

I’ve edited the post so some of the images can sit beside each other, to make it a bit easier to scroll through.

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Are there any refraction issues once in water?

Hi @oceanopportunity ,

I am attaching photos and video of a test carried out today with the laser to see how it behaves underwater in relation to refraction at different distance.

Link vídeo: Laser scaler test underwater refraction.mp4 - Google Drive

Best regards

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What is the beam angle of the lasers?

Hi @Stihus ,

The green ones are 85° beam width and the red ones are 130 degree beam width. The green ones maintain the intensity of the light beam throughout the line, the red ones have a more powerful central point and towards the ends of the light beam the light fades.

Seen by the rov camera the effect is similar at reasonable distances in which the visibility of the water allows them to be seen.

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