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Laser Scaler need 3.5 volts

(Luis Chavez) #1

Good day,

I am planning to install a laser scaler into my ROV2.

the laser scaler need 3.5 volts input, from where inside the electronics Can I get that voltage.



I might also install some lasers on our ROV… What are you using as a laser scaler ?

As for the voltage, I’d simply add an adjustable DC-DC converter. Just make sure that the current (Amps) needed by the laser sits in between the minimum and maximum current provided by the DC-DC.

(Willian Galvani) #3

There is no 3.5V that you can use. Check the power/current necessary and get a Buck (step-down) Converter. Either a 3.3V or an adjustable one.
Make sure that the input voltage supported can handle the battery voltage and that the output is adjustable or fixed at 3.3 V.

(Luis Chavez) #4


thanks for the hint, well received, I found some good step-down converter on ebay. I will continue with the project.

I have found the laser scaler with a chinese manufacturer. I would like to used before I recomended.


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