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Laser Scaler need 3.5 volts

Good day,

I am planning to install a laser scaler into my ROV2.

the laser scaler need 3.5 volts input, from where inside the electronics Can I get that voltage.


I might also install some lasers on our ROV… What are you using as a laser scaler ?

As for the voltage, I’d simply add an adjustable DC-DC converter. Just make sure that the current (Amps) needed by the laser sits in between the minimum and maximum current provided by the DC-DC.

There is no 3.5V that you can use. Check the power/current necessary and get a Buck (step-down) Converter. Either a 3.3V or an adjustable one.
Make sure that the input voltage supported can handle the battery voltage and that the output is adjustable or fixed at 3.3 V.


thanks for the hint, well received, I found some good step-down converter on ebay. I will continue with the project.

I have found the laser scaler with a chinese manufacturer. I would like to used before I recomended.


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I am also interested in the project. Which laser did you find and how do you plan to mount it on the BlueRov?

Hi Antonio.

I just installed the laser scaler, testing next week on Hydro electric plants.

I will let you know the results.


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Thanks Luis, if you can post a video and a photo where you mount on the BlueRov


Hello, when you do the test, I am interested in your product choice, too.

We are looking forward…



I manage to ensamble 4 units of the Lasers redy to install on Blue robotics ROV2.

the laser need 3.5 Volts, I took 14 volts from the LiPo battery on the ROV and transformed with DROK BUCK DC CONVERTER,

I have 3 pieces available, If you need one please send me a email to luis.chavez@24marine.com

Here some pictures of How I have Installed,