Kona, Hawaii dive - the BGH1 4k Camera Integration edition

Hello humans and bots!

We recently took our blue baby out to visit our friend @tony-white and legendary blackwater photographer Jeff Milisen to test out our new BGH1 Camera integration.

Check out the stunning footage for yourself… in 4k! :star_struck:


Greetings, great job on the Panasonic LUMIX integration guide. Just for curiosity, what lens did you use in your integration?


Hi @FairweatherIT,

I’m told it was the Lumix 7-14mm lens (we’ll add that to the guide - thanks!). In terms of reasoning apparently the housing manufacturer provided some recommendations for lens/port combinations:

Thanks Eliot!

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This focal range was useful - we would put it at tightest frame when doing close-ups on reef or fish, and when diving with a larger subject like the bait ball, set to widest. I’d guess most applications with an ROV would prefer wide view!