Joystick feedback from ardusub to MAVProxy

I create complexe module (multiple IO and RS232 operation) on MAVPROXY. This module must run when the user push a specific button from a joystick.

So i understand this command chain when an user push button of the joystick:
Joystick → QGroundControl → ardusub
but the information didn’t catch by my module in MAVProxy because Ardusub don’t send the information. Am I Right?

What machine is your module running on: the rov or the topside computer?

Mavproxy can bridge/split the communications, you need to make sure that you are connected to an output of mavproxy running on the ROV, by default MAVProxy only sends to one port (14550) on the 192.168.2.x subnet. You may only connect one client application to the port, if you want to connect another client application (mavproxy), you need to add another output to mavproxy running on the ROV.