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Jacket stripping high power cable(2 conductor)

(jakkala kalvik) #1

Hi, I am having a hard time stripping the high power cable. Every time I try cutting into the outer jacket I end up nicking the inner cables exposing the copper. Is there a better way to do this the blade is not working out for me.

(Marcus) #2

I haven’t tried stripping the high power cable, but there are other cable stripping options you should be able to get at most local electronics store. One that I use alot is made for ethernet cable. Its pretty low tech but has a number of notches for different diameters. But I think it might be too narrow for the cable you are talking about.

There are also these ones that are good for odd sized (non-uniform) cable sizes as they are adjustable.

Otherwise, use a very sharp hobby knife, almost razor-like, and by carefully paring at the cable under tension (as in bent) rather than trying to “cut” it, you can slowly strip most cables without knicks.

(Rusty) #3


It’s usually helpful to bend the wire and cut at the area that is stretched the most so that as soon as you cut into it, it pulls apart and exposes the wire tape underneath.

In production, we use thermal wire strippers, which make this really easy.


(jakkala kalvik) #4

I managed to strip most of my cables without any nicks to the conductors but 2 of them have tiny nicks 1 in ground and the other cable has a nick in power. Will this be alright or should I cut it away and try doing them again. I don’t have a lot of cable left so I don’t want to do it unless it’s absolutely necessary to do again.

(Harold Scadden) #5

This is a link to show the type of cutters our installation teams use a lot. This is not the exact tool because you get them with various opening sizes.


Since everyone is more than likely cutting polyurethane, pvc or some Low Smoke variant of a cable jacket … these things help out a lot. You can set the cutter depth so you don’t nick the conductors underneath the jacket.