Is there a good firmware for autonomous surface vehicle?

I noticed you guys build a blueboat.

I wonder do you use the QGroundcontrol? If so, what firmware do you select? Are there more specifications for the blueboat?


Hi @luuckiest,

We use the ArduSub autopilot firmware on our ROVs, and ArduSub is part of the broader ArduPilot family. Within ArduPilot there’s also the ArduRover firmware which includes a boat frame type for surface vessels.

QGroundControl is the main control station software we currently use for controlling our ROVs, and is also what’s currently being used to control our boats.

BlueBoat is an upcoming product that has not been released yet, so we don’t yet have a product page or the full technical specifications available. If there’s some particular information you’re interested in you may be able to find out by emailing, but be aware that detailed specifications will not be available until the official product release.

We built an ASV using the Rover fork of Ardupilot with pretty good results. Ours was controlled with differential thrust, so the “skid steer” configuration worked with a little PID tuning.

The least expensive way to get started is with a pixhawk. We used a Navio2 controller since it was already integrated with a Raspberry Pi, which is needed to manage video streaming, LTE connectivity, and other network communications.