Is ChasingM2 ROV a competitor

Do you consider the subject ROV a competitor in your target market? I would think the BR open software and hardware is a big plus over competitors.

Hi @model14,

“Our target market” is varied, and also not statically defined. The Chasing M2 is definitely another option that some of our potential customers might consider, but whether it’s a competitive choice for them depends a lot on their preferences and priorities.

We think so too! Being able to tinker, customise, and extend are things we love to do ourselves, but also want to enable others to do. Our mission is enabling the future of ocean exploration, and for us that means encouraging, educating, and supporting the whole marine robotics community to improve and grow - not just selling a vehicle.

While underwater vehicles by themselves can allow the exploration part, we definitely take pride in helping people learn what needs to and can go into such a vehicle, down to the level of components, software and firmware, and the knowledge and understanding required for the different parts to work together.

That’s supported by us designing and providing high quality components and products for others to work with and build from, together with documentation, calculators, and learning resources to do so :slight_smile:


Keep it up. Wish you still had the T100 for sale, though :grin:

Fair enough. A lower cost, smaller thruster option is something we’d like to make and are thinking about, but it’s not something we’ve got any news to share about at this point.