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Difference between Blue Robotics and ROV Maker Edge

I just found this project on hackaday:

It seems to be very similar to the blue ROV 2. Is there a difference or is it a copy of what you do?
Here is what they claim in the comments part:
Bluerov and this both used ardusub, and all the other are completely different.
This kind of typical structure looks similar, but all the components are not same
Well, to me, except for the color, it is identical.
What do you think?



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copy :cat2:


See goblinlab on eBay, it’s all overpriced.

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Similar, but not the same. To me, its the small things that make the difference. The BR2 is superior in refinement and design.

We have seen it in internet…really think they copy BlueRov but as most chinese items… the quality is different, the hardware is different, and think they are using your brand to compare : it will reveal a big mistake… Time will tell us!!

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…what I learned from analyzing their CAD data (made available by them on GrabCAD):

  • It’s (considerably) smaller, especially the truster seem to have only about 60% projected surface
  • It’s based on metric units instead of imperial
  • It uses ESC’s located in the thrusters (makes room in the tube ,-)
  • Several components are designed differently (e.g. the frame) even though the overall appearance is similar to BlueRov2

It is very similar in conception but all parts are different

Yes, it seems likea low cost copy of the original!:triumph: