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(Prathamesh Daware) #1

Hello sir,
I recently got MS5837-02BA 26-50 without any module.We soldered it.While testing I connected it to arduino uno without logic level shifter. I am not 100% sure but first time it gave correct readings for 10-20 seconds and then I got remote I/O error.I think sensor is damaged due to 5v logic level but still I can get its address i.e 0x76 correct in pi as well as in arduino. Problem is since first run its data values are not changing.They remain constant as well as weird like temp:-407C etc.
I just want to know my sensor is damaged or any other problem is occurring.

By the way we are using blue robotics bar30/02 library.

(Jacob) #2

If you used 5V logic level, then yes the sensor is damaged. If you are hand soldering the part, you can damage it that way too.

(Prathamesh Daware) #3

But I’m still getting address correct. Can damaged register give address?

(Jacob) #4

Correct sensor operation is guaranteed when the conditions are maintained within the specification on the datasheet. If you go outside of those conditions (like exceeding maximum voltage), the sensor operation becomes ‘undefined’. Sometimes it will continue to work, sometimes it will do nothing, sometimes it will be ‘compromised’ and work in only some ways.

(Prathamesh Daware) #5

Okay.Thank you for helpful suggestion.