Bricked Bar100?


I bought a Bar100 a while ago for a project at work we never got around too, and never got around to test it. I want to use it for another project and actually got it hooked up. Problem is that I dont get any meaningful data read out on it using serial monitor in Arduino IDE 2.0. I think I may have damage the membrane as it just been rattling around in a box for a long time with other bits and bobs for arrduino projects.


Hi @Sprocket, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Given you’re receiving meaningful messages from the sensor, but not meaningful values within those messages, I expect the sensor’s processing and communication electronics are working as expected but the sensing elements and/or membrane are seemingly too damaged to be usable. It’s also possible there’s a bug in your calculation code, but I assume you’re using our examples, and given the sensitivity of the membrane paired up with the described storage conditions and your photo it’s not surprising that the measurements are not working well.

If you end up getting another one I recommend keeping the plastic cap that it ships with as protection when the sensor is not actively in use :slight_smile: