Installing mavproxy help

Hello. I’ve checked this thread because I also want to use MAVProxy in order to send the data of the ROV to an external controller, and I haven’t had any luck with the installation thus far. I’ve installed python and I’ve done what people in the thread did and I still haven’t had any progress, so, if I could get a simpler step by step process of the installation it would be of much help. p.d. i don’t know if it matters, but I’m on windows 10.

Where did you get stuck?

Honestly, I don’t think that I’ve made any progress, when I tried downloading your fork initially I would try writing down “python build install” in the cmd after going to the directory where I installed mavproxy and this is what I got:

On the other hand, if I just tried installing mavproxy from the original source, it would run it, but I know that one doesn’t have the additional features that your fork does.

The program python is not installed on your computer, it is required to run this.

Look for how to install python online.

Well, that’s strange, I installed it from their website but I suppose that there are additional steps to the installation. I’ll research it and come back later if I have more questions. Thanks.

Ok, it seems I got it up and running, however I’ve run into this:

You need to install future: pip install future

So would I need to install that in the directory where I have MAVProxy or in the directory where I have Python?

Now I have this error:

So, I downloaded the libraries that the command line said I needed to install and now this shows up:

So, am I done now? Or is there still something else I need to do?

Now I have that showing up, is there any way I can view and select specific parameters from that list? Or am I even using the right program?

You can type help to see a list of available commands. param will let you play with the parameters.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, now that I’ve made a bit more headway, I have another question to make. You see, I want to develop a GI similar to qgroundcontrol, and for this reason, I need to streamline data from the ROV in realtime, and right now I’ve managed to make files that hold all of the parameters, however, I was wondering how I could select the ones that I need, save them in a file, and update them in realtime? As always, thank you very much for your help.

I think there might be a misunderstanding around the term ‘parameters’. They store configuration settings, they are not really dynamic during operation: Redirecting...

You will need to pull the information that you want out of the different messages seen here:

There are examples of how to do that using python here: Pymavlink · GitBook

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Hello Jacob,

Max is with our team at AQUA Exploración, we are trying to make our own GUI with the parameters from the ROV sensors. accelerometer, compass, pressure, temperature. is there any developers chat where we can get further help?