Info about batteries T200

Hi everybody,
I am writing to know if someone tried to use standard Pb gel 12 V battery with T200 motors and Basic esc.
Is it possible to use it? The voltage is lower for the max power peak but there are enough ampere for a great autonomy.

Thanks for replies


Yes, this is fine!

Hi Jacob I take a look to the T200 power curve in docs. At 12 volt the maximum power should be around 180W 3,5 kgf 15 Ampere of current apx. Can you confirm me the values?

By using a car battery like this the autonomy could be around 4 hours for each T200 without completely discharge the battery

The problem should be the flip out condition for this type of battery

Hi @simoitblu,

Thats correct, at 12V a T200 will draw about 15-18A peak (15A constant), and that battery should be able to run a T200 for about 4 hours.